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No ordinary billboard for no ordinary watch
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One of the advantages of the Samsung Gear S3 smart watch is its design, as at a glance, it looks like an ordinary watch. The Gear S3 has the aesthetics of a truly premium watch with advanced features built right into the watch design making it easy and effortless to use.

To convey the watch’s features in a smart way, Samsung launched an unusual campaign that looked like another premium watch campaign, under the brand name and tagline “Frontier- The time is now” and made the billboard come to life.

Taking an everyday situation – waiting for the bus – they built a smart billboard that could communicate with the waiting passengers, much to their surprise. The billboard comprised of a ‘static’ male model posing with the watch, who was actually being live-streamed from a room around the corner. When something happened at the bus-stop, the model came to life and spontaneously responded to the situation, much to the commuters’ delight (and shock!) 

You can watch the campaign here.

Via: Best Ads on TV


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