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sneezing billboard
Sneezing billboard reminds passers-by to get vaccinated against the flu
September 18, 2017  //  Stuff we like  //  No Comment

To remind people how important it is to get vaccinated and stay protected, the Ministry of Health installed a small […]

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Spotify Open Canvas
Open canvas: the best in outdoor
September 18, 2017  //  Our Opinions  //  No Comment

Two experts pick their favourite out of home campaigns and explain why their chosen work makes the most of the […]

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Primesight payphones
Primesight’s advertising contract with BT’s payphones in Northern Ireland goes live
September 18, 2017  //  Latest News  //  No Comment

Primesight have announced that the BT advertising contract in Northern Ireland has gone live today. With over 1,100 payphones and 220 […]