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jcdecaux amsterdam
People get Pampered with RFID
December 22, 2014  //  Stuff we like  //  No Comment

KPN, a provider for Internet/TV/Mobile spoilt consumers during their “All Inclusive weeks”. KPN treated passers-by in Amsterdam with a one […]

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2015 Forecast: Positive Outlook for Experiential
December 18, 2014  //  Our Opinions  //  No Comment

Michael Brown, MD psLIVE, spoke to Event Magazine about his predictions about experiential in 2015.  Is there a positive 2015 […]

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Ocean Group Partners with Searchlight Capital
December 22, 2014  //  Latest News  //  No Comment

Ocean Group has announced that Searchlight Capital Partners LP has acquired LDC’s entire stake in the business. Announcing the new investor […]